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Period: March/April 2001
Customer: University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Science, Vienna
Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Project members
of inka software:
Alfred Kovacs
Abstract: Design of the database to hold the sewer's specific data collected during the benchmarking project. Design and development of several reports.
Used technologies:
  • MS SQL Server 7.0 (MSDE)
  • MS-Access 2000
  • MS-Excel
  • Visual Basic
  • The DB was designed to hold the data collected with complex excel sheets.
  • An import form has been designed to allow plausibility checks (ranges) and importing of the data
  • with several reports the imported data can be checked and analysed.
  • A database connection allows importing and processing of the data using user defined excel sheets
Project status: The software has been approved by the client and was used to analyse the data
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